Deciding What You Want

  • Where Do You Want To Live

    Think of communities, or neighborhoods, school districts, public transportation, and other amenities you would like to be near.

  • What Type Of Home Do You Want

    This can range from detached, semi-detached, bungalow, two-story, townhouse, or so many more! Also consider lot size, features, and ideal home age.

  • What are your must-haves and deal breakers?

    List your must have features like basements, garage, pool, number of bathrooms, etc

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Agent Or No Agent

Why an agent is beneficial to you

  • Aside from commission paid by the seller, having an agent is essentially free.
  • They know the market and are able to ensure you aren’t overpaying for a home.
  • Their job is to represent and protect your interest. This means you have someone to provide confidential advice, access MLS® listings, offer expert advice on clauses, home inspections, and so much more!
  • An agent is also responsible for negotiating not only the best price, but also the best terms of your agreement.
  • They manage all details and paperwork associated with your transaction, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed and saving you time and stress.