Listing Checklist

I will require the following information at the time of listing

  • Copy of your deed
  • Latest assessment notice
  • Restrictive covenants (if any)
  • Easements of right of way (if any)
  • Rental agreements (i.e. waeter,heaters,furnace,burner)
  • Betterment charges (if applicable)
  • Occupancy permits (if any)
  • Warranties (i.e. roof,sidin, furnace repairs)
  • Water test results (if applicable)
  • Shared well or driveway agreements (if applicable)
  • Survey certificateor plot plan (if applicable)
  • heating expenses and power costs
  • Taxes
  • Information on the type and location of the septic system as well as the date of last pumping and the receipt(if applicable)
halifax real estate listings

Things to Think About

  • Less is more
  • Hire a home stager
  • No pet odors
  • Fix what is broken
  • Declutter!
  • No empty rooms