Preparing Your Home For Showing


  • Make necessary repairs
  • Ensure house number is easy to read
  • Clear away any litter
  • Replace cracked or broken window panes
  • Trim hedges, cut the law, and ensure garden is weeded and edged
  • Salt and shovel driveway and walkways
  • Place a boot tray inside front door
  • Ensure doorbell and door hardware is in good condition
  • Ensure porch and foyer area are clean, tidy, and lacking clutter
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  • Touch-up or replace paint and chipped plaster
  • Ensure doors and cupboards are closed
  • Repair any leaky taps and/or toilets
  • Replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Oil squeaky doors
  • Clean and polish mirrors, fixtures, and taps
  • Ensure seals around tubs and basins are in good condition
  • Clean floors and dust all surfaces
  • Empty garbage containers and compost
  • Ensure inside of closets and cupboards are neat and tidy
  • Clean appliances
  • Ensure all lights are turned on
  • Let fresh air into the house prior to showings
  • Have fireplace lit during cooler months, or heat turned on
  • Ensure halls and stairs are cleaned and tidy
  • Ensure drapes are opened during daytime showings
  • Ensure carpets are freshly vacuumed
  • Ensure jewelry and valuables are locked away or taken with you
  • Ensure pets are absent and litter boxes cleaned
  • Place fresh flowers in various rooms if possible
homes for sale in halifax